Centers of Excellence

Center For Research and Development

In line with its mission, Westland University will strive for innovation through high-impact research aimed at creating patents across a broad range of disciplines and professions. Research and innovation will be central to WUI activities as it will enhance teaching, learning and enrich the experiences of staff and students. WUI will provide vibrant intellectual environment that promotes research and research training by pursuing academic excellence through outstanding teaching and the promotion of research and community service on the national and international level. WUI will foster academic research, which contributes to human knowledge and the vitality of the University.

Westland University will employ both applied and basic research skills with a focus on excellence and community focused panacea. Westland University will aim to become one of the world’s leading research institutions and be a vibrant research community that stimulates new ideas and discoveries, thus contributing to the economic, social, cultural and environmental development of Nigeria and the world.

Collaborative research networks will initiate, promote and maintain interdisciplinary and interfaculty research, thereby crossing academic boundaries and disciplines to forge breakthroughs and share valuable expertise. The university’s research excellence will be enhanced by the development of interdisciplinary research centers and institutes, which would collaborate with international academic and industrial partners. Thus, the university’s research policy will encourage collaboration with key public sector bodies and businesses ranging from small companies to major multinationals for the opportunity to tap into research excellence, leading facilities and world-class knowledge.

Westland University has established Westland University Research and Development Centre (WUIREDEC) based on the disciplines offered for study at the university. Westland University research will be operated within policies and procedures that reflect legal requirements, transparency, good governance and the interests of the University and its staff. The center shall locate funding opportunities all over the world and guide academics and postgraduate students on granting bodies guidelines. This center shall organize training frequently on grant proposal writing, technical write-ups and critical thinking.