About WUI

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Westland University is to produce leaders who are excellent in research capabilities and technical know-how. Westland University will provide an environment with unique opportunities for students to study basic theories providing the impetus to launch into the world while at the same time interacting with the technical and design disciplines to enhance their innovativeness.

Westland University will also attract and retain excellent academic staff that will shape and enrich the learning experience for students. The curriculum will be informed by current scholarly and professional practice. It will undergo continuous evaluation and review of its strategies that would make for effective use of feedback from stakeholders and ensure continuous improvement and evolve into one Nigeria’s finest and among the world’s top ranking Universities.

Westland University will provide an academic environment that gives students inquisitive and analytical minds, information literacy and problem-solving skills to help them succeed in life. The University will place a strong emphasis on promoting student-centered learning, increasing the appropriate use of new technologies and imparting life-long skills.